Destination film wedding photographer & hopeless romantic 

The proposal has happened, the teary-excited phone calls have been made, and the feeling in your heart is nothing short of pure joy. This is the start of your legacy together.

My name is Sarah and I am a film wedding photographer in Chicago who is forever passport-ready. I capture your big moments with romantic and timeless images. I want you to have photographs that you can hold in your hand this year and in fifty years that will bring you right back into the moment when you said, “I do.”

If we were sitting over a glass of wine, I would tell you that I believe your love story is beautiful and I believe that a strong faith in the Lord will give you a strong marriage. 

Whenever I’m not behind my film camera, I’m enjoying time with my beautiful little family; my amazing husband and our three sweet girls. As a self-made and proclaimed Southern Belle, you can also find me tucked away reading the Bible, sitting in the sunlight with a friend sipping sweet tea or re-reading the Harry Potter series.

I believe that your love story is your legacy. You are planning a wedding that honors your family ancestry and classic traditions... but it's also a celebration to reflect your own unique love story: who you are as a couple, and the legacy you want to create.

As a wedding photographer in Chicago, I'm passionate about documenting the moments and heirlooms that tell stories of legacy. I consider it an honor to walk alongside you in this process, witnessing your love story unfold before God. It's a privilege to capture the images on film that you and your family will cherish for many lifetimes yet to come.

To love a person is to see all their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten. 


we do what we do

They were head over heels for each other. It was 1954 when my grandparents were married. With a strong faith in God that kept them grounded, they raised their little family with tradition, memories and a servant heart. They created an incredible legacy within our family, one that I cherish and I know my daughters will too. I can't wait to capture that kind of family legacy for you as your love story unfolds.


Heirloom Details

My grandmother passed away when I was 12. She and I were so close. I knew the day I walked down the aisle, I wanted to wear her ring so she would be near my heart.

My Grandmother's Ring is one of my favorites


Traveling Europe

I’ve already checked England and France off my list. My husband and I will celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary soon and we’ll commemorate the event by drinking wine in Italy!



Southern Charm

I like to consider myself a self-made Southern Belle! I love how welcoming people from the south are. They’re a breath of fresh air as they enjoy a glass of sweet tea, welcoming hospitality, and a big hug.

sweet tea, big hugs and hospitality